Educators, whether you’re a full or part-time classroom assistant, lecturer, principle, student, teacher or adjunct professor, or someone passionate about imparting values to those in your charge, we have something for you.

We’re also very keen to give you a platform and a publishing platform for your thoughts and ideas. We know there is much you want to share, so let’s have it, and don’t think it needs to be on paper – a video of your work would be ideal!

You can also take a look at our fantastic online resource for teaching entrepreneurship in your educational establishment today. They’re classroom friendly, free and wickedly testing. Sign up today and become a Street Entrepreneur contributing educationalist: we’ll take your best work gratis, but not for granted.

Entrepreneurship is a form of evolution in that only the best ideas stand the test of time, although for some ideas, the time may be now, but those advising the would-be entrepreneur — the ‘Better Nots’, the ‘Hingers Oan’ and the ‘Putters Aff’ — tell you to wait for perfection; near enough may be good enough for the markets of the world to decide. Stick a video on and see how many hits you get. The Virtual Choir got one million in a month!

We’re here to help show your energy and ideas in the best light. We are all entrepreneurs and support the entrepreneurial movement with all that we do.

We’re out not to just create something with a stronger and more relevant brand, but to simultaneously general the best in downloadable and online digital games and education tools and creating a global entrepreneurial movement that might just make a difference.

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